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Distributor Profile: Services

Partner Profile

Pharmacists' hands

Pharma Partner works with consumer healthcare distributors across all OTC categories.

The vast majority of partners have been fully vetted by Pharma Partner, which means that you don’t have to worry about the credit-worthiness of any distributor.

All distribution partners have the following key characteristics –

  • Have own sales team visiting either pharmacies and/or doctors

  • Focus on a specific therapeutic area e.g. Dermatology or Gastro or Foot care. This means that Pharma Partner can chose the most appropriate distribution partner for its client

  • Have marketing team so they understand how to launch your product

  • Have the financial strength to fund the launch of a new product

  • Have the regulatory know-how to get your product registered. This is especially important if we are talking about a country outside the EU where CE certification is not always sufficient for local registration with the Ministry of Health

  • Deal with CE or FDA approved medical devices, food supplements or dermo-cosmetics. The focus is on self-care products. Some partners deal with so-called OTX products, which are essentially OTC products but require a prescription

  • Some distributors can offer multi- country distribution e.g. all of Scandinavia or several Eastern European countries. In this case the distributor has its own subsidiary in each country and a full sales team to launch your self-care product

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