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Licencing-out List

Please click on the below PDF file to access Pharma Partner's self-care licencing out list which covers the following OTC categories and more:

  • FOOT/NAIL CARE (warts, nail fungus, corns, skintags, athletes foot)

  • DERMATOLOGY (psoriasis, rosacea, eczema, scabies, chicken pox, scar treatment and more)

  • WOUND CARE (spray plaster, hemostatic spray, antibacterial cream and more)

  • WOMEN’S HEALTH (UTI, fertility, haemorrhoids, menopausal and menstrual symptom relief)

  • ENT (ear wax removal, anti-snoring, anti-allergy, dry nose, sore throat, epistaxis)

  • ORAL CARE (lip herpes, mouth ulcer, denture care)

  • UROLOGY (bacterial vaginosis, cystitis)

  • PAIN RELIEF (arnica cream, patches, CVI, and more)

  • DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS (for adults and children, liposomal, CBD and more)

  • GASTRO HEALTH (laxatives, IBS treatment and more)

  • ALLERGY  (allergic rhinitis, anti-itch, mosquito repellents)

  • COUGH & COLD (sprays, syrups, for adults and children)

  • FIRST AID (hemostats, liquid spray bandage)

  • PAEDIATRIC (nappy rash, allergy spray, cough and cold and more)

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